luni, noiembrie 12

20 de motive de ce nu sunt fericit astazi!!

  1. When I meet my soul mate, I’ll be happy.
  2. If I wasn’t feeling sick, tired, and in pain, I’d be happy.
  3. My dream wedding will make me happy.
  4. If I have children, they’ll fulfill me.
  5. If only I didn’t have children, I’d be free to live my life and be happy.
  6. If people understood me, everything would work out.
  7. I need more money before I can do everything I want to do.
  8. If my boss wasn’t such a jerk, my life would be great.
  9. If I didn’t have to do this mind-numbing work, I’d be free.
  10. If I was less attached to money and more spiritual, I’d be happy.
  11. I need more time before I can be happy.
  12. If I wasn’t afraid of taking big risks, I could live my dreams.
  13. If I was better looking and in better shape, I’d be happy.
  14. If people took me seriously, I could be happy.
  15. If this tragedy hadn’t happened, I’d be happy.
  16. When I break free from alcohol and drugs, the freedom will make me happy.
  17. When I get to have a stiff drink, or drugs, I’ll feel great. I’ll be happy.
  18. One day I’ll become enlightened, and have lasting peace and serenity.
  19. I’ll be happy when I’m recognized for my great ideas.
  20. I’ll be happy when I retire, travel, and can take it easy.